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The International Association of Geodesy, Natural Resources Canada, the International GNSS Service, and York University hosted a Global Navigation Satellite System Precise Point Positioning workshop entitled “PPP: Reaching Full Potential” in Ottawa, Canada, 12-14 June 2013.



Given recent rapid developments in PPP technology, the objectives of this workshop were to:

  1. Provide a forum for international experts from academia, government and industry to discuss PPP-related matters, including data processing, error modelling, data products, dissemination, applications, and associated policy.
  2. Define the current state of PPP performance and communicate global PPP activities and applications in all sectors.
  3. Identify and investigate the technical and non-technical issues that need to be addressed to improve the technology.
  4. Suggest PPP performance and utility in the next five to ten years.


Final Report

The workshop was attended by almost 100 persons from academia, government and industry.  Many excellent presentations were given, along with insightful discussion sessions, and networking events.  Attendee feedback was very positive.

A post-workshop report will be available here shortly.



We thank all of those who have made the workshop a success, and invite all colleagues to make use of the workshop resources available on this website.

Best regards,
The Program Committee